Why Savoy Cats?

We have years of experience in making high quality leather shoes. We use the best materials and the most skilled procedures and techniques, inherited from leather masters throughout several generations. Our shoes adapt perfectly to your feet because of the cork layer between the sole and the insole that make your shoes unique and just for you.

Thanks to the double stitched manufacturing, (Goodyear Welt) strength and long duration of your shoes are guaranteed.

Our shoes are long life duration, they will last forever if you take a little care of them.


Here you can see how we make them 

About Us

SAVOY CATS was founded in 2013. After several years working on leather industry, we decided to create a footwear with the aim of giving to the people the chance to had the finnest craft shoes with a very strong fashion point of view.

Shoes for many propouses, they fit in a casual look an as dressing up demand requires, like weddings and shows performances.

Our shoes and boots are sold all over the world, many people trust in Savoy Cats brand, because they know the quality label that represents.

Savoy Cats are focused in combining street style mixed with the elegance dress code. Savoy Cats are the best option to wear in any occasion.

Casual, street style, business meetings, weddings, events

We are a very experienced brand with strong will and with the aim of continuously improving, day by day.

We try to make the lower impact in our planet by reducing  and avoiding unnecessary shipments. We do that because our foot measurement system provides a totaly reliable tool to find the perfect size for each of our customer. Shoes we make are crafted followind the feet measurement of each of our customers so we send the unique size that fits.

Because of the great quality of materials, the craft and the knowledge we put on each of our footwear we produce, buying a pair of Savoy Cats is an investment due the long live duration (life duration if they are well treated)   means to earn by stop wasting money in other pairs of shoes that won't last.